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Why We Love Some Animals and Eat Others

The simple answer is overlooked speciesism.

Photo: David Clode via Unsplash

If you were anything like me, you would have been raised to love some animals and eat others. It was never a thought or a question. That’s just the way things were. I always thought I loved all animals even though I was eating them. One day, that logic started to become a little bit cloudy. But I loved meat. There was zero…




A vegan magazine that’s hopefully devoted to delicious plants, liberated animals, and leading a radical, sustainable, joyful life

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Susie Pinon

Susie Pinon

B.A. in Psych. Lover of all things green. Likely to be found brewing tea or making a mess in the kitchen. Open to opportunities 🍊contentqueensuz@gmail.com

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