Why Cats Love the Color Blue

My cat is obsessed with his blue toys, and I wanted to figure out why…

Anna Martinez
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3 min readJun 12, 2020


Photo: Dorothe Wouters via Unsplash

I got a kitten about a year ago. It was my first time having a kitten and I had no idea they had so much energy. My cat loves to play. He’s a bit spoiled and has many toys. Over the course of the past year, I have learned he loves his blue toys.

Some of his favorite toys are these little mesh tubes, almost like finger traps. The first one we gave him was bright blue. He played with it nonstop for over an hour. Overtime we gave him other colors of the same toy and although he enjoyed those too, he always went back to his blue one. Eventually, the blue one completely fell apart because he played with it so much.

One of his other favorites is a little round dude with bright blue troll like hair. He loves it and carries it around in his mouth all over the house. Additionally, he has a blue bird toy that attaches to a window. He loves it and has torn off all of the blue feathers.

After a year of observing this, I then pondered to myself; are cats colorblind? Growing up, I always learned that dogs were colorblind so I thought it might be the same for cats. I decided to do some research, and what I learned was that both dogs and cats are not colorblind in a sense where they only black and white, but they can only see limited colors.

Photo: Madalyn Cox via Unsplash

Cats can only see shades of blue and gray

Some scientists believe cats may see shades of green and potentially some yellow shades, while others believe it is only blue and gray. What they all agree on is that cats can definitely see blue.

Humans have 10 times more cones in their retina compared to cats. Cones are light receptive cells that help us see variations of colors. They are photoreceptor cells. Since cats have less cones, they don’t see all of the colors that we humans see. The cones are what are evident in the daylight.

Cats see less saturation than humans and so they don’t see colors as vibrantly or intensely as we do. Blue is a color that cats can see…