This Precious Dog Is ‘Broken’ in the Most Adorable Way

Kiko is happy to be in your photo as long as it is clearly *about* her

Jack Shepherd
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4 min readFeb 11, 2021


Kiko the Finnish Spitz dog poses for a photo backwards and upside-down while her disapproving sister looks on.
All photos: Kaya the Shepherd via Instagram

Kiko is a 10-month-old Finnish Spitz puppy who insists on doing things her own way—especially when it comes to posing for her person’s Instagram photos. She lives with her sister Tofu and a wise, patient, and long-suffering White Swiss Shepherd named Kaya who acts as the mother of the group.

Kaya, making sure everyone is taken care of.

She also has some very close friends who are cats, and her person, Ashleigh, thinks it’s this feline influence that has caused her to have such an individualistic streak. While her sister Tofu is committed to sensible, thoughtful canine pursuits, like showing everyone her favorite toy…

Tofu the Finnish Spitz dog poses for a photo with a favorite toy.

…posing artfully with flowers…

Tofu the dog poses with flowers.



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