The Irresistible Joy of Doubles

Celebrating a vegan delicacy that has satisfied from the markets of Trinidad and Tobago to a storefront in Brooklyn

Photo: Leigh-Ann Martin
Photo: Kalamazadkhan/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

It’s also the taste: the combination of regional spices and fresh herbs used in the boiled channa. The thin and slightly chewy texture of the bara, with its subtleties never working against the saucy channa. And all the spicy, sweet, and cool to the tongue toppings. “Yes, dats is what we talk’n bout!”

How to eat doubles? You eat it like a pro!

How doubles became doubles


He never attended school, which wasn’t a deterrent but encouraged him to work harder at proving that he too could make it. That he too could be successful and not have to wait with hands open for whatever the plantation’s owners deemed as just pay.

“Put Peppa!”

New York City’s best doubles

The walls are adorned with Trinbagonian bottled condiments and snacks, and pictures of the husband and wife team posing with Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Keith Rowley, posters of the Obamas, and, of course, the legendary Bob Marley.

Making doubles at home

Photos from ‘Trini Gourmet With A Twist’ courtesy of Shon-El St Louis

Trini Ooman | Chef | Doubles Enthusiast and Rum Drinker

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