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Tenderly’s favorite stories of 2019

Hello friends of Tenderly!

It’s almost 2020, which means we can stop calling the decade we’re in weird stuff like “the aughts” and instead call it a proper decade name: the 20s! Hopefully along with that name will come a resurgence in beaded gowns, but not in feathered accessories.

As we draw close to the end of 2019 (Tenderly’s birth year!), I’ve been reflecting on what we’ve published this year. In the last six months, we’ve published 407 posts by over 150 writers, hundreds of photos of food and animals (never the twain shall meet here on…




A vegan magazine that’s hopefully devoted to delicious plants, liberated animals, and leading a radical, sustainable, joyful life

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Summer Anne Burton

Summer Anne Burton

Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Tenderly. Former BuzzFeed exec. Moomin. Texan. Vegan for the animals. 💕

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