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And that’s a good thing!

A plate of tofu scramble that’s been dished out of a bigger platter.
Photo: Shutterstock

This recipe is the key to ultra-crispy, flavorful cauliflower wings

For me, cooking is most often improvisation — ‘fancy cheap ramen’ is a great place to start

vegetable ramen noodle bowl with chickpeas, blackened mushrooms, and noodles peeking out from the broth
Photos: Summer Anne Burton

A visual guide to our uniquely weird psychological terrain

Closeup of two hands making a heart shape over a violet plant.
Photo: Alena Koval via Pexels

1. When you don’t mean to be, but are probably coming across as just a little creepy in the vegan protein and cheese section at the grocery store

Vintage Veg

Ginny Callan’s 1987 cookbook takes a seasonal, local approach to meatless cuisine that’s still refreshing over 30 years later

A hand holds up a paperback copy of “Horn of the Moon.”
Photo: Alicia Kennedy

One can of Cento chickpeas and two types of store-bought vegan tuna substitutes, one in a pouch, one in a short can.
Photos: Arabella Breck

An investigation into what makes the best fish-free fish, plus a recipe for vegan ‘tuna’ salad

A reflection on dietary-related karma

3 stone statues of Buddha-like children. One covers their eyes; one, their ears; and one, their mouth.
Photo: Bruno Aguirre via Unsplash

For the millennial looking to save for that mortgage, simply swap out the avocado for some ‘al pastor’ style carrot

Behold the perfect toast. Photos: Kevin Vaughn

Fennel is so underrated, and its put to wonderful use in these delicious plant-based tacos

Roasted fennel topped with a heavy hand of crispy kale. Photos: Kevin Vaughn.

Vintage Veg

The 1981 book argues for a fanatical, essentialist, white veganism that the movement has thankfully started to move past

Photo: Alicia Kennedy


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