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You can make this simple and yet elegant vegan cake with any favorite seasonal citrus, from tangerines to clementines

Overhead view of a cake still in its baking tin, resting on a wire rack. The cake is topped with 1 crosswise slice of orange in the center surrounded by 7 other slices.

In a Pickle

Pickling mustard seeds in the fridge makes a wonderfully rich condiment that my secret ingredient duos enhance perfectly

A photo taken from above of a dark, maple-y glass jar of mustard with visible mustard seeds and a small spoon resting nearby
Photos: Laura Vincent

Bowl of dry potato flakes next to a heart-eyed smiley face wearing a chef’s hat. Text: Instant mashed potato flakes forever.
Illustration: Summer Anne Burton; source: Shutterstock

The secret ingredient for more than you know


‘It’s not 2020 anymore!’ We can all cheers to that with this festive, warming-yet-refreshing seasonal cocktail for vegans and our friends.

A cloudy, refreshing ginger-colored drink on ice, with a mint sprig and a lavender backdrop
Photos: Laura Vincent

Everyone deserves an absurdly fancy dessert on Christmas

A wreath made of stiff sweet white vegan meringue sits on a plate and is decorated with red berries and leaves
Photos: Laura Vincent

Golden vegan St. Lucia buns (aka lussekatter) made by yours truly

Double rainbow over Brihuega lavender fields in the province of Guadalajara, Spain. Photo: Juan Lopez Ruiz

And why an immersion blender is the tool I rely on for making creamy vegan dressings in my home kitchen

A photo of bright green spinach leaves coated in a creamy light brown balsamic dressing
An unmixed salad to show the thickness! Photo: Alicia Kennedy

A delicious way to preserve your extra fruit and feel a bit fancy, without too much effort

A yellow/orange passion fruit curd with flecks of black seeds and a jar full of the sweet stuff with a spoon dipped in it
Photo: Alicia Kenendy

Aquafaba Files

Lifehack: Use leftover chickpea brine to make yourself a giant tray of warmly comforting, crispy mini-churros. Enjoy.

A photo of a plate piled high with homemade golden fried churros, tube-shaped dough that’s dusted in sugar and cinnamon
Photos: Laura Vincent


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