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Pets And Animals

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It doesn’t have to be so hard for your groomer — or your pet

Photo: Александр Гросс via Unsplash

Even my brief experience as a boarding kennel attendant made me grow painfully aware of just how many people aren’t fully competent as far as basic pet care. We saw plenty of well-maintained Pomeranians and poodles, but there were also dogs with downright concerning baseball-sized mats (often concealing abundances of ticks and fleas) and mysterious objects trapped in layers and layers of never-brushed fur. We had a small grooming facility, with only one full-time groomer; the rest of us came in to assist with basic tasks like bathing or holding our furry friends still for nail clips. For many people…

It wasn’t the way I had remembered it as a child

Photo: Izabelle Acheson via Unsplash

Growing up, petting zoos were the highlight of any event. I was a shy kid who avoided a lot of unnecessary social interaction, but if someone was having a birthday party with petting zoo animals, you could count me in. Parents always made negative comments, but they were mainly focused on the astronomical prices for handfuls of corn to feed nibbling baby goats or sheep. Years later, when I was offered a position at an educational farm featuring, you guessed it, a large petting zoo, I leapt at the opportunity. Marketed as an educational experience for kids who loved animals…

Our often overlooked furry friends deserve better than most give them

A hamster within a colorful but cramped living space. Photo: _Alicja_ via Pixabay

For many kids, hamsters are a fun and easy first pet, bought after months of incessant wearing down their parents. From there on out, the hamsters are placed in a colorful home, fed seeds and pellets, and lead a happy yet short life. Right? Unfortunately, while this is a cheap and easy way to care for a hamster — it isn’t the right way. As research on hamsters has increased over the years, so has our understanding of their behavior and requirements. As it turns out, they’re a lot more complicated than they may seem. …


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