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Golden vegan St. Lucia buns (aka lussekatter) made by yours truly

Hello lovely people,

As always, hope you are all staying well and safe. ❤️

This past weekend was St. Lucia Day, a Swedish holiday meant to bring about hope and light during the darkest time of the year. During a year that has been so difficult and unforgiving, this day…

Double rainbow over Brihuega lavender fields in the province of Guadalajara, Spain. Photo: Juan Lopez Ruiz

Hi Tenderly pals!

Just wanted to start off by saying how grateful I am that you (yes, you!) are here and decided to open this newsletter and check out some things from Tenderly and beyond this week. …

Five tamales verdes and two strands of red Christmas lights floating on a white background.
Illustration: Arabella Breck

What better way to show love than through food?

While many of us are going to be spending the holidays physically separated from loved ones, these small businesses can help us still show our care for those who also love delicious food.

And if you don’t know a vegan food lover to send one of these gifts to, why…

A background type pattern design consisting of orange slices, popcorn, and snowflakes on a blue background
Illustration: Arabella Breck

These crafts can easily be made using items you have at home

Whether you’re looking to cut down on costs, waste, or trips to the store this holiday season, these crafts are perfect for you and easy to try. From garlands to greeting cards to stockings, you can make any of these crafts using items you likely already have around the house…

You can discover incredible things when you explore the tiny worlds contained in rock pools

Photo: dumotim/Pixabay

The seaside town of Rhyl in North Wales doesn’t have many claims to fame. Once a popular tourist destination, it has experienced a steep decline in recent years, with holidaymakers opting for cheap trips abroad and numerous businesses moving away. Many of the main attractions have closed down, with high…

Sanctuary Stories

Their story is helping more people see these gentle, playful birds as friends, not food

Photos provided by Luvin Arms Sanctuary

For five scared and sickly turkeys destined to be dinner in Utah, an odd twist of marketing fate would instead have them voluntarily released into the safety of Luvin Arms Sanctuary in Colorado. …

’Tis the season to enjoy yourself without supporting animal cruelty!

Credit: OpenClipart-Vectors/Pixabay

Being vegan doesn’t mean going without all those sweet, sweet carbs that help us to power through the stressful holiday season: In fact, you can have your vegan cookies and eat ’em too and you won’t even get salmonella from sampling your dough straight from the mixing bowl, either.


Cooking special food for yourself, family and friends is the gift that keeps on giving

Photos and drawings by Sarah Ridgeway

The holidays tend to pull us into their whirling pace, spinning us into cheerful gatherings and wrapping us with layers of stressors. One of my favorite ways to slow down is to tackle cooking projects. It is something you can do for yourself and also share with people you love.

Farm animal sanctuaries are celebrating Thanksgiving with the turkeys, not eating them. Here are some of the celebrations they have planned.

Photo provided by Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary

The vegan journey is often propelled by the rush of joy that we feel knowing that we’re saving animals’ lives with our daily choices. But our happiness may come with ambivalence about holiday gatherings. Thanksgiving in particular can cause anxiety for vegans, with its traditional meal that features a prematurely…


good living for every being

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