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Even the greatest works of art look even better with a nice Australian Shepherd

All photos: Eliza Reinhardt via Instagram

Finnegan “Finn” Reinhardt is a Texas-based Australian Shepherd dog who has spent the last year brilliantly recreating famous works of art with his best friend and roommate Eliza. Eliza’s keen artistic eye, sense of humor, and skills as a painter are a perfect complement to Finn’s years of practice at being an exceptionally good boy, and the pair have collaborated on dozens of magnificent artistic homages, using just materials they have at home to recreate various masterpieces.

Finn and Eliza’s earliest works are more literal, finding paintings of women and dogs to recreate, but as their journey has progressed they’ve…

Tom Curtis’s photoshopped animals bring children’s drawings to life

The top left corner shows a child’s drawing of a duck floating in water. The main pic is a realistic version of the drawing.
The top left corner shows a child’s drawing of a duck floating in water. The main pic is a realistic version of the drawing.
Photos: Things I Have Drawn

Father-of-two Tom Curtis has developed a unique way to collaborate artistically with his young kids based on the premise that the world might be a good deal more interesting if it actually looked the way children choose to depict it. Through his Instagram, Things I Have Drawn, Curtis shares brilliantly photoshopped versions of his kids’ drawings, as well as submissions by the young children of his fans.

Kids tend to have a natural affinity for animals, so it’s no surprise that a great many of Curtis’s fantastical creations are upgrades of existing animals, with smiling faces and a joyful demeanor…

Ditch what doesn’t serve you

Photo: Jonas Vincent via Unsplash

I know what you’re thinking.

Not another “What I’ve learned from my pets” post! Besides, productivity? Everyone knows cats are lazy!

Not so fast. In fact, cats have mastered ingenious ways to effectively use energy and achieve results — without ever looking like they’re doing much at all. To a lot of us, that’s the ultimate goal, too.

Productivity isn’t about volume, it’s about intention.

How often do you find yourself wishing your day had at least 30 hours?

Perhaps you feel like you’re doing a lot, but without actually getting a lot done. …

Artist Tim Klein cleverly merges puzzles to create surreal and beautiful new worlds

Photos: Tim Klein

Starting with the knowledge that many jigsaw puzzle manufacturers use the same pattern to make multiple different puzzles, Vancouver, Washington-based artist Tim Klein has built up an incredible portfolio of surreal puzzle collages by combining the interchangeable pieces to create montages.

I take great pleasure in discovering such strange images lying shattered, sometimes for decades, within the cardboard boxes of ordinary mass-produced puzzles.

The results are endlessly creative and amusing, from Easter cat-bunnies to circus dog-clowns to pup- and hedgehog-cupcakes, and each new puzzle is a gift for the imagination. …


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