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I like to make this rich chocolate coffee with decaf after dinner — it’s so good it’s basically dessert

Photo: Tyler Nix via Unsplash

In times of quarantine, as the news continues to change each day, maintaining a regular routine has become increasingly important for me. Whether it’s a morning walk, workout, or simply brewing a favorite cup of joe, sometimes the simplest, mundane tasks can help ground us in times when other areas of life seem a bit strange and unfamiliar.

One of my new favorite grounding techniques is to enjoy a warm decaf coffee at night after dinner. In remembrance of my past trips to Italy, I’ve spent time thinking about the beautiful culture and country while recognizing our own challenges here…

This plant-based whipped, sweet coffee drink is super easy to make at home

Photos: Arabella Breck

Whether you’ve seen it called fluffy coffee, whipped coffee, or dalgona coffee, you might have seen this viral coffee drink in your social media feeds over the past couple weeks. This drink might look like something full of animal products and strange ingredients, but it is actually extremely simple to veganize.

The drink — made from instant coffee, sugar, water, and milk — originated in India and was also popular in South Korea before taking off on social media. …

No good deed unpunished…

Photo: Asael Peña/Unsplash

It’s been 15 years since Starbucks started carrying soy milk in its stores in 2004. Since then, we’ve had two new presidents, we found out Pluto wasn’t a planet, and weed became legal in 10 states. So much has happened. But for some reason, we’re still being charged extra for soy.

In 2004, the world was much different for vegans. Often, the only plant milks you could find on grocery shelves were in non-refrigerated tetra packs: likely rice and soy milks found in the baking aisle. Vegan cheeses were pretty much nonexistent unless you lived in a larger city with…


Try our simple take on a vodka + coffee cocktail classic, plus a rum-soaked variation!

Espresso Martini. Photos: Laura Vincent

Want a cocktail veganized? Bought a bottle of something and don’t know what to do with it? Need a cool mocktail? Want to make your own liqueur? We’ll drink to that. Bartenderly is here to make all your vegan drinking dreams come true. If you want to check on whether a specific brand of alcohol is vegan, I recommend Barnivore.

The widespread popularity of a drink can result in its being taken less seriously, but this hasn’t stopped the Espresso Martini remaining current since its inception in 1983 — when a customer infamously asked London bartender Dick Bradsell for something…

Do the oat milks deserve the hype? And what does “barista style” mean anyway?

Photos: Rebecca Firkser

Not only are plant milks rapidly becoming common offerings in coffee shops, it’s now likely that a cafe will offer more than one type of non-dairy milk to choose from. Between almond, oat, soy, cashew, yellow pea, hemp (and more!), there are certainly plenty of options. According to research firm Mintel, non-dairy milk sales have grown in the US by 61 percent in the past five years.

Vegan milk typically doesn’t have the same fat, sugar, and protein content as cow’s milk, which often leads the non-dairy versions to seize when poured into coffee, sometimes even when first steamed by…


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