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You can make this simple and yet elegant vegan cake with any favorite seasonal citrus, from tangerines to clementines

Overhead view of a cake still in its baking tin, resting on a wire rack. The cake is topped with 1 crosswise slice of orange in the center surrounded by 7 other slices.
Overhead view of a cake still in its baking tin, resting on a wire rack. The cake is topped with 1 crosswise slice of orange in the center surrounded by 7 other slices.

If winter citrus is part of your life, make the most of it with this extremely simple olive oil cake recipe. Whether it’s Cara Cara, Blood, or Mandarin oranges, grapefruit, or Meyer lemon, this cake works with the flavor of the citrus fruits for a pantry-friendly snacking cake that brings brightness to dreary days. It also looks beautiful, thanks to the supremed citrus on top becoming caramelized and getting jammy. This requires no frosting, not even a dusting of powdered sugar, because the fruit itself acts as all the texture, contrast, and acidic sweetness you need.

Making this cake begins…

This vegan tart isn’t too complicated to make, but it’s fancy, fun, and elegant enough for a birthday celebration

Photo: Alicia Kennedy

There is no wrong season for a giant peanut butter cup with a cookie bottom, but there are seasons during which this nostalgic dessert may melt. Don’t worry about it. The PB-Chocolate Tart with Shortbread Crust keeps well in the fridge and can withstand some coming and going from chilled to room temperature to sweltering summer sun and back again. This isn’t a layer cake, precious and dainty, but it is just as fun, just as indicative of an occasion. …

A tart topped with thinly-sliced peaches, sprinkled with slivered almonds.
A tart topped with thinly-sliced peaches, sprinkled with slivered almonds.
A stone fruit tart made simple thanks to store-bought puff pastry! Recipe below. Photo: Laura Vincent

Take this divine baking shortcut and make one of these delicious recipes

Repeatedly folding and rolling buttery dough to make vegan puff pastry can be a laborious and tedious task, especially in a hot kitchen during the summer. But there’s no reason for you to miss out on breakfast pastries, delicious tarts, and other goodies thanks to the magic of store-bought puff pastry dough!

You can usually find frozen pre-made puff pastry sheets that are incidentally vegan (just make sure to double check the ingredients label!), but if you can’t find actual puff pastry another easy, usually vegan option is that puff pastry-like croissant dough that comes in a tube. This kind…

Aquafaba Files

An ideal biscuit — for breakfast, for the side of a bowl of beans or grits, and for literally any time or place you need a biscuit

Photos: Laura Vincent

The Aquafaba Files is a Tenderly recipe series by Laura Vincent, exploring the almost suspicious versatility of this ingredient that is little more than the leftover liquid from a drained can of chickpeas.

As with my cornbread, I was apprehensive about presenting a recipe for such an archetypal American food as biscuits, when I live thousands of miles away from that country. I do love a quick bread — from the relatively similar scones, beloved in my home of New Zealand, to soda bread, beer bread and numerous others. …

Explorations of a nostalgic ingredient + a simple recipe for vegan salted peanut butter chocolate fudge

Photos: Arabella Breck

When I was growing up, we seemed to always have condensed milk in the pantry; the mysterious, small cans would sit on the shelves until the fall when we would break them out for annual pie-making. My mom would break open the can and while her back was turned, I would sneakily lick the lid to get a taste of the sickly sweet, syrupy milk. She would then open the cans of pumpkin puree, crack eggs, add spices, and I would mix everything into a smooth, golden mixture and pour it into a pre-made graham cracker pie shell. …

Go wild with making these muffin recipes your own — they’re a great vehicle for nuts, seeds, fruit, and chocolate

The banana muffin, with one of its prime components. Photo: Alicia Kennedy

We are led to believe that the muffin is the pancake’s healthy cousin, but a muffin is really just a pancake in a suit: Ready for the weekday, buttoned-up, but on the inside, he’s just like the laid-out pancake, who’s dressed only in his butter underwear and syrup robe (just go with me here).

Muffins can be moist, tasty, and perfect for accompanying that afternoon cup of coffee or tea on a day spent working from home. They are also quite simple and forgiving: My recipe motto tends to be, “None of this particular egg replacement? No problem.” There’s always…

The best guidance I’ve found to help you with your sourdough journey, as it has helped me on mine

Photo: Cesar Carlevarino Aragon via Unsplash

When I first started writing about keeping a sourdough starter by asking a panel of global bakers for their tips, I couldn’t imagine this particular future. Most of the world is in isolation, flour is a precious and rare commodity, and sourdough starters have become such a popular hobby that there’s been backlash and backlash to the backlash and memes and jokes and… maybe no one even cares that much about bread anymore.

What I did envision was having a hands-on training session for my first loaf of bread — following some fruitful discard experiments — with my friend Diego…

Flowers are over. If you truly love someone, you should say it with bread.

Photos: Blondie + Rye

Now that we’ve all become experts in baking homemade sourdough, it might be worth taking a step back to see just how far we have to go before we reach perfection. Baker Hannah P., on Instagram as Blondie + Rye, uses colorful leftover vegetables to turn her breads into breathtaking edible creations.

Hannah posts before-and-after-baking photos on her Instagram, and assures fans that none of these delightful breads go to waste:

I have had many questions about what happens to the bread I bake. I even saw a comment from a person hoping the prettier loaves aren’t thrown out! The…

Revisiting fond memories of Smitten Kitchen’s spectacular Pistachio Petit Four cake with this recipe for a vegan version

Photos: Alicia Kennedy

One of the biggest cakes I made before going vegan was for my mom’s birthday. She loves almond and marzipan, and I have always remembered, perhaps apocryphally, the singular flavor of petits fours, tiny cakes coated in chocolate served to me by my grandmother at some point before her passing. I can see them, piped with thin stripes of blue royal icing, and I can taste them, this combination of light, nutty cake, a bit of jam, and chocolate.

This memory was in my mind when I decided to make her Smitten Kitchen’s Pistachio Petit Four Cake, an undertaking that…

Messing up your food always sucks, but now — when waste seems even more wasteful than usual — it’s downright traumatic. Here’s how to cope.

Photo: Joy via Flickr/CC BY 2.0

Work with food enough and you’ll learn to intuitively anticipate how ingredients will behave. However, with all the practiced instinct in the world, you can still screw up. For example, once a year, Bad Pasta happens to me. No matter my ingredients or method, the result is dramatically awful, leaving me let down by a favorite food, and with a vague sense that I was cursed very specifically at birth and need to embark on a valiant quest to undo it.

Today I baked a flourless chocolate cake, making up the recipe as I went. Rich with cocoa, melted chocolate…


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