What Kind of Quarantining Vegan Are You?

Take a short quiz and I’ll show you which of the vegans showing up during this pandemic you are

Marla Rose
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7 min readApr 29, 2020


Credit: Jo-B via Pixabay

This pandemic has brought out latent personality traits in many of us we didn’t even know we had before, but it’s also made some more dominant characteristics even more pronounced.

What kind of quarantining vegan are you?

Take this highly-scientific and meticulously-vetted quiz to find out.

Circle the answer that sounds the most like you:

1. The stay-at-home order has meant…

A. I have more time to bake buns, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and to speak approvingly to my jar of sourdough starter, nestled between my kombucha mother and homemade dandelion wine in the fridge. Maybe I’ll also finally start dehydrating everything.

B. I have all my canned goods categorized and accounted for, and I keep a dry erase board of any comings and goings from my stash so I can make sure I have enough chickpeas to last at least another 23 years, if, you know, need be. I should probably bump that up to 25 years but I’ve been a slacker.

C. Every day is a steady stream of links shared on my social media designed to…