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Macken Murphy, Racism Isn’t Vegan

Hello to my Tender-friends,

This has been a really tough week. While facing this global pandemic and the U.S.’s incompetent leadership and avoidably high death toll, we’re also witnessing the President endorsing militarized racial violence, a Predator drone flying over Minneapolis, and, of course, the violent racism captured in several recent videos.

Humans are animals too, and white vegans must do more to fight the exploitation and cruelty of this white supremacist society — as actively and passionately as we fight for non-human animals. To do less is not vegan at all.

I encourage those who are able to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to bail protestors out of jail, the Minnesota ACLU to protect protestor’s rights, to George Floyd’s family, to Ahmaud Arbery’s family, and/or to The Marshall Project which is doing important work covering criminal “justice.”

“Growing up as a young black male, in a society where we’ve been marginalized, I’ve always had a certain awareness about suffering and oppression. That’s given me a voice to speak out against things and to be aware of my surroundings. That’s one of the reasons I gravitated towards hip hop, because it was such a representation of how young black men and women see the world. Hearing the stories of different things that people of color go through in society gave me a voice to speak out against social injustices. I’ve done that throughout my life. That influence planted a seed for me.”

Sarah Ridgeway’s Banana Cream Pie

A recipe for vegan Banana Cream Pie by Sarah Ridgeway! You need this in your life, trust.

On the small Thai island Koh Phangan, the average life expectancy of a street dog is five years. Read about the organization looking to change that and protect these vulnerable animals.

Speaking of racism, how come Michael Vick is the face of animal cruelty in the NFL when their own sponsors, like Pizza Hut, have caused far more animal suffering? Elena Botella examines the issue.

Violence remains at the center of mainstream American culture: Consider football itself, which more than pantomimes at violence. 100 million Americans watched the 2020 Super Bowl, despite the fact that we now know that the repeated traumatic brain injuries many football players experience are the likely culprit of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a disease whose symptoms include forgetfulness and violent behavior. But while many Americans continue to crave the taste of meat and the thrill of the tackle, most would prefer not to dirty their own hands, a distancing that capitalism makes possible. This distance lets white Americans who buy animal products interpret animal abuse as a criminal pathology derived from Black and Latino culture, instead of something they’re just as guilty of perpetrating.

David Zilber, from Inside the Creation of Noma’s New Vegan Quinoa Tempeh Burger. Photo: Asmund Sollihøgda

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the new vegan burger at Copenhagen’s revered Noma, made by Director of Fermentation David Zilber with housemade quinoa tempeh.

Rachel’s latest 21 Questions is an interview with Brooklyn Borough President, NYC Mayoral candidate, and vegan Eric Adams, who talked about why he’s focused on food policy.

Kiki the Calico, from Arabella’s Nice Facts About Calico Cats

Arabella rounded up some facts about (and cute pictures of) calico cats, because calico cats are very special.

More posts from this week: freshen up your pantry cooking; the bravery of the smallest creatures; some really great vegan cooking videos on YouTube; Laura’s latest playlist, for horse fans; why the “but lions eat other animals!” argument is so dumb.


Drinking together, apart

You can make an incredibly delicious foamy pink lady cocktail without the egg, thanks to the magical addition of pineapple.

Pink Lady

  • 1 and ½ ounce gin
  • 1 ounce lemon juice
  • 1 and ½ ounce pineapple juice
  • ½ ounce grenadine

Place all ingredients in a cocktail tin or glass and then fill with fresh ice. Place a second tin on top and tap firmly to make sure it’s properly shut. Shake the drink thoroughly for ten to fifteen seconds. Open the tins, then strain through a sieve into a chilled coupe glass, or cocktail glass of your choice.


On Fridays, we tell you about things we like

“I have found these adorable (and reusable) Swedish dishcloths really helpful while trying to reform my terribly wasteful paper towel habits. These dishcloths, originally invented in Sweden in 1949, are a sponge/paper towel/dishcloth hybrid that actually works and makes it super easy to begin the transition to a less wasteful kitchen and home.”

“I loved reading this lovely story about Indian hockey player Jasjit Singh Kular’s mission to feed 500+ stray dogs every day during lockdown. It’s nice to remember that there are still good people all over the world helping animals, even now. Thanks to Arin Greenwood for bringing it to my attention!”

“After realizing my non-stick frying pan was scratched up and probably chipping harmful chemical shit into my food, I ordered the ceramic non-stick GreenPan saute pan (this one, to be specific), and it is honestly life changing. It is the easiest thing in my kitchen to clean — grime just rinses right off of it — and cooking with it is an absolute dream.”

“This week my favorite all-vegan pizza place announced they will be closing permanently June 20 due to the economic strain caused by the pandemic on top of the already huge cost of operating a business in Chicago. If you’re in the Chicago area, you can say goodbye to the iconic Chicago House of ‘Za by ordering delivery/pickup before they close their doors. My farewell order recommendation: a seitan pepperoni pizza, the truly genius buffalo knots, and sides of ranch to go around.”

“The new Waxahatchee album, Saint Cloud, is a masterpiece that I cannot stop listening to. Pretty sure I’ve listened to at least part of it every single day since it came out. ‘Lilacs’ is my favorite, but every song is a gift.”


A vegan recipe recommendation from the archives

Whether you have kids or not, these briney, tender inside / crispy outside fish sticks made with HEART OF PALM will absolutely delight you and make you feel approximately 10 years old. Yum.

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Peach twig (Prunus Persica) by Royal Charles Steadman, 1919

Let’s fight together for a better world for every being,

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