Poems From Your Cat

Five poems from the cat. In addition to all the other gifts she’s been giving you. You’re welcome.

J.A. Taylor
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2 min readMar 25, 2020


Photo: Cyrus Chew via Unsplash

The Puddle

There is a puddle on the doormat.
What is it?
I sniff it, but won’t step in it.
You stepped in it.
You must like it. You made a loud noise
When you stepped in it.
I made it.
You are welcome.

Photo: Dids via Pexels

The Barrier

What are you doing behind the mysterious barrier?
What did you do wrong?
Why do you live in an invisible cage?
I know you can come out.
I know you can see me.
My claws don’t work on this.
Feed me.

Photo: Inge Wallumrød via Pexels

The Stuff

There is some orange stuff on the floor.
When will it go away?
It does not look like my food
But it is right next to it.
It does not smell like my food
The barking thing ate it.
It came out of me.

Photo: Alexas Fotos via Pexels

The Screen

Thank you for installing the practice grid.
I climb it
Just to get a peek at you.
I hang on it.
It is good practice
For when I feel like climbing a tree
Which I don’t.
You must have done a poor job
Because now it’s shredded to pieces.
Can you fix it?

Photo: Ruca Souza via Pexels

The Clicking

Stop making the clicking noise.
I don’t like it.
No, I don’t want to sleep.
Don’t move
Or I will shred your face.
Are you bleeding?
Don’t touch me.

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