9 Ways Non-Black Vegans Can Better Support Black People

Do I have all the answers? No. Do I have some ideas? Yes.

Marla Rose
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5 min readJun 10, 2020


Photo: Étienne Godiard via Unsplash

Because we can all stand to do better, myself very much included.

1. We can stop appropriating Black Lives Matter slogans and events.

Full stop.

Black Lives Matter is a slogan created by and for the racial justice movement of the same name and it is not ours to co-opt and alter. Allies do not look at the hard work of other activists with an attitude of appropriation, nor do we show up at their events promoting our messaging and branding. That is colonizing and beyond tone-deaf. Instead, we listen and we support. Please consider reading more on the topic but the TL;DR version is vegans need to come up with our own slogans and our own messaging, not ransack other movements.

2. We can intentionally use our own pages and platforms to amplify Black voices and businesses. Similarly, we can