Just 25 Photos of a Dog Who Is Friends With a Duck

And some pigeons. Honestly, if you’re a bird, you can audition to be this nice dog’s best friend.

Photos: Vendetta and Lemony via Instagram

Vendetta and Lemony are quite close. They share a lot of the same interests, after all, like rainy days, getting lost in the woods, and long walks in nature. But it would be a dramatic failure of journalism to report these facts without also noting that Vendetta is a German Shepherd. And that Lemony is an Indian runner duck. It is also salient, to this reporter, that these two best friends have a pair of sidekicks called Grisella and Heldig, and that Grisella and Heldig are pigeons, who were rescued as babies.

As any self-respecting duck/dog dynamic duo with pigeon sidekicks might be expected to do, Vendetta and Lemony live in the south of France with a person called Natacha, who is also a photographer. They like to swim in the lake and take occasional visits to the city, but mostly they like to defy the dry and pompous expectations of anyone who thinks dogs and ducks (and, yes, pigeons) should jolly well stay in their lane. It’s all very French.

You can keep up with them on their Instagram page, Vendetta and Lemony, but for now, here is a selection of photographs of them being kind and quietly inspiring friends together in the woods.

For more photos showing the adventures of Vendetta, Lemony, and the pigeons, be sure to follow Vendetta and Lemony on Instagram.

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