Just 22 Photos of a Cat Who’s Best Friends With a Horse

Purrfect harmo-neigh (sorry!)

Champy, wearing a blanket, nuzzling Morris, wearing a tan sweater and perched on a fence post outdoors.
Photos: Champy and Morris

When Jennifer Boyle brought Morris the cat home from a shelter 7 years ago, her horse Champy took it upon himself to be the official welcoming committee. After some initial reluctance to make such a large friend, Morris decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth (sorry again!) and jumped aboard. They’re now such fast friends that Morris wakes Jennifer up as soon it gets light every morning so he can go horse-riding.

The pair have developed a sensible system—if Champy sees Morris waiting at a specific fence post that is their designated “bus stop,” he’ll walk over to let his feline friend jump aboard. Then, the inseparable buddies spend the day hanging out together. The whole situation is just exceedingly nice and good, as well as being quite lovely and also delightful. Good job everyone!

To keep up with Champy and Morris’s continuing adventures, you can and indeed must follow them on Instagram.

Morris standing on a fence post, headbutting Champy’s nose.
Morris leaping from a fence post onto Champy’s back.
Morris sitting on Champy’s back as the sun begins to set.
Morris sitting on Champy’s back on a cloudy day; Champy’s wearing a purple blanket.
Morris lounging on Champy’s back as Champy grazes. They’re backlit by the setting sun.
Champy draped with a white sheet, carrying a black cat bucket in his mouth. Morris, with a red bandana, sits on his back.
Morris standing on a fence post headbutting the top of Champy’s nose the the shade of a small tree.
Morris standing on a fence post headbutting the side of Champy’s nose.
Morris sitting on a fence post beside Champy; both are looking at something on the ground in front of them.
Morris standing next to Champy on a fence post; Morris is leaning his ear near Champy’s eye.
Champy wearing a blanket with a grid pattern on it, Morris lounging on his back, as he stands in front of a rusted barrel.
Head-on view of Morris headbutting the side of Morris’ face while sitting on a fence post.
Morris trotting in front of Champy in a horse pen with a large tire full of hay on its side.
Morris in a cream-colored sweater sitting on a fence post next to Champy, clad in a grid-patterned blanket, on a gray day.
Champy gently chewing on Morris’ ear; Morris is sitting on a fence post, wearing a sweater.
Morris in a Santa costume, perched on Morris, who’s wearing a grid-patterned blanket.
Champy wearing a blanket, sitting on grass while Morris sits on his back.
Morris headbutting Champy’s nose from his perch on a fence post.
A sweatered Morris sitting on a small plaid blanket on Champy’s back while Champy drinks out of a trough with another horse.
Morris, mid-leap from a wooden fence to Champy’s back.
Morris in a sweater, snoozing on Champy’s back. Champy’s facing a rainbow in the cloudy sky.

For more of this beautiful friendship, follow Champy and Morris on Instagram.

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