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“Courage calls to courage everywhere” -Millicent Fawcett
Illustration: Tenderly

How to Write Like a Vegan Activist

I’m ending my 5 excuses for being quiet about my vegan ethics

When I was seven, I wanted to be a writer. By 13, I aspired to become a vegan activist. At 27, I’m finally writing, but I’m still figuring out the helping animals part. If you are a fellow animal-lover finding your voice, I hope sharing my story — and how I’m overcoming excuses I made for not doing…




A vegan magazine that’s hopefully devoted to delicious plants, liberated animals, and leading a radical, sustainable, joyful life

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Phoenix Huber

Phoenix Huber

Trans girl. Beyond-human ally. I unite with members of my species for all sentient beings. Free hug: uberpath@gmail. Feed me: Ko-fi.com/phxhu

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