Literally 50 Fabulous Cookies, Bars, and Candies You Can Make Without Animal Products This Holiday

’Tis the season to enjoy yourself without supporting animal cruelty!

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3 min readDec 18, 2019
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Being vegan doesn’t mean going without all those sweet, sweet carbs that help us to power through the stressful holiday season: In fact, you can have your vegan cookies and eat ’em too and you won’t even get salmonella from sampling your dough straight from the mixing bowl, either.

‘Tis the season to enjoy yourself without supporting animal agribusiness, which is so cruel to animals and destructive to our planet. Here are fifty cookies, bars and candies without animal products — mostly cookies, because let’s face it, it’s all about cookies right now — you can enjoy without compromise.

If you have a recipe for a treat you’d like to convert to being animal-free, check out this quick but helpful guide for egg replacements. (Dairy is easy to replace one for one with plant-based milk, but this experiment might be helpful to review.) So dust off your oven mitts, break out your mixing bowls and measuring cups and get ready to bake up a storm for cookie exchanges, office holiday parties and even a vegan-curious Santa Claus.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Soft-Batch Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Frosting (Dustin Harder via VegNews)
Peppermint Meltaway Christmas Cookies (Sweet Simple Vegan)
Spiced Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookies
(Vegan Street)
Snowmen Meringue Cookies (Vegan Huggs)
Danish Butter Cookies (Wallflower Kitchen)
Vanilla Almond Crescent Cookies (Spabettie)
Chocolate Crinkle Cookies (Vegan Street)
Mexican Wedding Cookies (Dora’s Kitchen)
Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies (Vegan Street)
Almond Linzer Cookies with Cherry Preserves (Oh, Ladycakes)
Gluten-Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (The Pretty Bee)
Perfect Rugelach (Sunnyside Hanne)
Florentine Cookies (Food 52)
Snickerdoodles: Soft, Thick and Puffy (Nora Cooks)
The Most Wonderful Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever (Baker By Nature)
White Chocolate Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies (Vegan Mos)
Extra Snappy and Soft Ginger Cookies (Vedged Out)
My Famous Chocolate Chip Macaroons (Julie Hasson)



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