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Friendship goals!!! (Photo via @champy_and_morris on Instagram)

Hi friends,

Hope you’re all staying as well as possible these days. Is it just me or does it seem like everything is in flux right now? Seasons are changing, the year is quickly ending, and it feels like each day brings some new challenge we must learn to adapt to.

Not to pile onto all the changes, but there is a small change to our newsletter starting this week… I (Arabella!) am going to be taking over writing for a while. But don’t worry, you can still expect the same great vegan content coming straight to your inbox each week 💘💘💘

So, without further ado, here are a five things from Tenderly (and beyond) that I recommend checking out this week:

  • If you’re looking for great reading + great vegan recipes, I recommend checking out the anti-Thanksgiving cookbook, ‘AMMAMAK! (LETS EAT) ON STOLEN LAND. While the physical copies of the zine are sold out, you can still purchase and download a PDF for $5, with all proceeds going to the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust. Well worth it!
  • Lately, I have found myself turning to this post that is just a list of soothing animal videos. If you find yourself needing to watch something pure and lovely like ducks experiencing a pond for the first time, a squirrel getting a belly rub, baby bats wrapped in cozy blankets, and a jazz concert for cows, I implore you to press play.
  • A great way to give thanks for your food this year is by supporting farm workers across the United States by donating to the United Farm Workers. UFW has distributed emergency food, masks and sanitizer for workers while continuing to fight for respectful workplaces, fair wages, affordable health care, and union contracts. Donate if you can, spread the word if you can’t!
  • I’m going to be cooking some of my favorite autumnal dishes this week, but I don’t blame anyone who wants to throw out the idea altogether and just go for some good ol’ pizza. If you find yourself in need of vegan pizza this week, check out this review of Pizza Hut’s new Beyond Meat Pizza from Tenderly EIC Summer Anne.
  • Lastly, an important PSA:

Talk to you soon,


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