A Primer for Everyone Who’s Been Swiping Our Tofu

All you need to know about the other white meat — it’s good, it’s nothing to be scared of, and please stop hoarding it

Marla Rose
Published in
11 min readApr 17, 2020


Photo: Geraktv via Dreamstime

Hi there —

I know you’ve been in my neck of the woods because you left your calling card: the empty shelves in the refrigerated section at the grocery store, once the nearly exclusive province of herbivores and jam-packed with options, now a chilly ghost town. More often than not these days, it is picked bare, stripped of our beloved tofu and pretty much everything else, like a plague of vegan-curious locusts went to town on our little enclave.

It’s been like this since early February, pretty much since the beginning of the pandemic panic. It’s not just where I live, either: I’ve seen distressed cries all over social media from my fellow vegans who have seen their once-reliable staple disappear from shelves and return in such reduced quantity that we seem to be experiencing something like a national shortage. On one of my grocery missions, I even saw…