7 Things to Know About Maine Coons Before You Adopt One

They’re the closest thing to a dog in the cat world

Zulie Rane
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7 min readFeb 18, 2021


A sleepy brown Maine Coon with a white nose and paws lounging in a cat bed in front of a sliding glass door.
Photo: Zulie Rane via Instagram

Three years ago, I had the difficult task of persuading my now-husband to get a cat. He was adamantly a dog person — he liked cats, but he was convinced they were inferior to dogs as house pets.

Now, he loves both our cats with his whole heart, but when I was trying to convince him, I found the best method was to find a cat that met his needs.

He said cats weren’t loyal? I found a breed that was. He said he wanted to walk a dog? I found a cat breed that loves walks. He said dogs are just bigger and therefore easier to snuggle and love? I found the biggest cat breed there is.

My research pointed me to one breed that met all his requirements: the Maine Coon.

I want to point out that all cats are amazing, wonderful, charming, and interesting in their own unique ways! We’ve had moggies (mixed-breed cats) all my life, and I’ve loved them all dearly. However, when we wanted to adopt cats of our own in the UK, we found that shelters required us to provide indoor-outdoor access for cats, and I knew I wanted to keep my cats safely indoors.

Here are the seven things you should know about Maine Coons before you adopt one.



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