50 Breathtaking Panoramic Pictures of Nature in All Her Glory

The results of the Epson 2020 Pano Awards for best panoramic photographs are truly stunning

The winners of this year’s 11th Epson International Pano Awards were selected from 5,859 entries from 1,452 professional and amateur photographers in 96 different countries, a record for the competition. Created to highlight achievements in panoramic photography, this year’s awards celebrated photos of natural landscapes as well as built environments.

The selection, from the winners and runners up in the “Nature” category, comprises a breathtaking array of panoramas from the frigid coast of the Barents Sea in Teriberka, Russia, to the stunning reefs of Hon Yen Island in Vietnam to the beautiful Quiver Tree Forest of Namibia. Each photo is a testament to the grandeur, majesty, and variety of the natural world.

You can find more winning photographs, including highlights from the “Built Environments” category at The Pano Awards website.

1. ‘Spring Hibernation’ by Matt Jackisch | First Place Overall

A fine art photograph of a single tree standing amongst a windswept hill blanketed in thick snow
Squamish, BC, Canada. Photo: Matt Jackisch

2. ‘Janela’ by Carlos F. Turienzo | First Place, Amateur

A fine art photograph of a craggy island backed by a purple and yellow sky and with mossy green rocks in the foreground
Madeira Island, Portugal. Photo: Carlos F. Turienzo

3. ‘Manish’ by Manish Mamtani | Second Place, Open

A fine art photograph of a green/blue pool surrounded by abstract-looking topography
Iceland. Photo: Manish Mamtani

4. ‘Under the North Star’ by Vitaliy Novikov | Second Place, Amateur

A fine art photograph of a crashed ship backed by a green and black sky with northern lights
The coast of the Barents Sea, Russia, Murmansk region, Teriberka. Photo: Vitaliy Novikov

5. ‘Church’ by Krzysztof Browko | Third Place, Amateur

A fine art photograph of a small church which appears backed by golden, yellow light in rolling green hills
Saint Andrew’s Church, Slovenia. Photo: Krzysztof Browko

6. ‘Slovenia Sunrise’ by Alan Mathieson | Nikon Australia Award

A fine art photograph of a pastel pink and orange sunrise over a range of purple mountains
Slovenia. Photo: Alan Mathieson

7. ‘Land of the Dragons’ by Daniel Tremblay

A mountain range capped with red clouds, shot from below in a patch of green grass showing in the foreground
Vestrahorn, Iceland. Photo: Daniel Tremblay

8. ‘Flamingo Flock’ by Thomas Vijayan

A fine art photograph of a flock of pinkish white birds flying over a landscape of brown land with pools
Lake Turkana, Kenya. Photo: Thomas Vijayan

9. ’Arcs of Light’ by Juan Lopez Ruiz

A fine art photograph of two rainbows rising above a single tree in a field with rows of purple plants
Brihuega lavender fields in the province of Guadalajara, Spain. Photo: Juan Lopez Ruiz

10. ‘Electric Storm on Lavender’ by Juan Lopez Ruiz

Lightning striking near a field of purple plants with a single tree sillouhetted by the purple sky
Brihuega lavender fields in the province of Guadalajara, Spain. Photo: Juan Lopez Ruiz

11. ‘Pico” by Carlos F. Turienzoz

A field of green mountains and hills draped gently with soft white clouds
Madeira Island, Portugal. Photo: Carlos F. Turienzoz

12. ‘The Guardian of the Night’ by Manuel Rodriguez

A small striped lighthouse shines a bright light over a rocky, dark ocean cove, with a very starry night sky shown above
Mallorca, Spain. Photo: Manuel Rodriguez

13. ‘Pine Island’ by Ryszard Lomnicki

A serene island with tall, sparse trees is shot from eye level, with a still, mirror like body of water surrounding it
Pine Island, Connemara, Ireland. Photo: Ryszard Lomnicki

14. ‘Victoria Bay’ by Anthony Finn

A still, white body of water landscape dotted with black, barren trees mirrored perfectly in the reflection below
Killarney, Ireland. Photo: Anthony Finn

15. ‘Sea Flower’ by Linh Nguyen Hoang

Big, beautiful plants growing in crystal clear water, dotted with bright blue and orange starfish near the surface
Hòn Yên, Phú Yên, Vietnam. Photo: Linh Nguyen Hoang

16. ‘Aurora Halo’ by Oliver Schratz

A craggy range surrounded by a “halo” of green glowing northern lights in the sky
Stokksnes , Vestrahorn, Iceland. Photo: Oliver Schratz

17. ‘Milky Way Over the Three Peaks’ by Daniel Trippolt

A small range of mountains that looks almost like a castle is backed by a blue/black sky packed with bright white stars
Three Peaks, Dolomites, Italy. Photo: Daniel Trippolt

18. ‘Rainbow’ by Olav-Inge Alfheim

A gray, nearly black and white looking scene of dark water and snow-capped dark mountains is visited by a thin, pale rainbow
Reinefjords, Lofoten, Norway. Photo: Olav-Inge Alfheim

19. ‘Corvo’ by Carlos F. Turienzo

A green valley glowing with a rising sun
Corvo Island, Azores, Portugal. Photo: Carlos F. Turienzo

20. ‘Morning Light’ by Dennis Rickard

A fine art photograph of a windblown desert hill with a small flame coming from a barely visible camp
Namibia. Photo: Dennis Rickard

21. ‘Pretty in Green’ by Greg Stokesbury

Mossy rocks surround a white crystal clear waterfall in multiple tiers
Columbia Gorge, Oregon. Photo: Greg Stokesbury

22. ‘The Amazing Sunrise’ by Celia Wei Zhen

The sunrises over a valley in Italy, backed by a beautiful mountain and dotted with charming, small houses
Dolomites, Italy. Photo: Celia Wei Zhen

23. ‘Binalong Bay Sunset’ by Benjamin Saillour

A sunset bathes rocks and water in orange and lavender light
Tasmania, Australia. Photo: Benjamin Saillour

24. ‘Light’s Concert’ by Alessandro Cantarelli

A man stands on top of peak of sand with arms outstretched, backed by a bright sun
A 180° panorama stitch of 9 shots captured in Sahara Desert of Tunisia. Photo: Alessandro Cantarelli

25. ‘Castle in the Sky’ by Matt Jackisch

Floe Lake, British Columbia, Canada. Photo: Matt Jackisch

26. ‘Land of Miracles’ by Peter Cech

Jested, Liberec, Czech Republic. Photo: Peter Cech

27. ‘Universo Torcal’ by Alberto Jose Moreno Jurado

Torcal de Antequera Malaga, Andalusia, Spain. Photo: Alberto Jose Moreno Jurado

28. ‘Electric Storm’ by Juan Lopez Ruiz

Toledo, Spain. Photo: Juan Lopez Ruiz

29. ‘Summer Morning’ by Krzysztof Browko

Dolomites, Italy. Photo: Krzysztof Browko

30. ‘Winter Dreaming’ by Luke Saddington

Banff National Park, Canada. Photo: Luke Saddington

31. ‘Yoho’ by Blake Randall

Yoho National Park, BC, Canada. Photo: Blake Randall

32. ‘Frozen’ by Glenn McKimmin

Slovenia. Photo: Glenn McKimmin

33. ‘Snow Ghosts’ by Greg Boratyn

Lapland, Finland. Photo: Greg Boratyn

34. ‘Sweat of the Sun’ by Les Sharp

Yellowstone Park, USA. Photo: Les Sharp

35. ‘Euphorie’ by Armand Sarlangue

Central Utah Badlands. Photo: Armand Sarlangue

36. ‘The Defenders’ by Chandra Bong

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. Photo: Chandra Bong

37. ‘Rainbow and Red Rocks’ by David Swindler

Utah, USA. Photo: David Swindler

38. ‘Quivertree Forest Under the Stars’ by Laurent Lacroix | Third Place, Open

A fine art photograph of a starry sky and the silhouettes of beautiful and almost alien trees
Namibia. Photo: Laurent Lacroix

39. ‘Light Fog’ by Eren Atis

East Texas, USA. Photo: Eren Atis

40. ‘Aurora en Lofoten’ by Jose Antonio Mateos

Hopen, Norway. Photo: Jose Antonio Mateos

41. ‘Sahara’ by Marsel van Oosten

Libya. Photo: Marsel van Oosten

42. ‘Icecave’ by Alan Mathieson

Iceland. Photo: Alan Mathieson

43. ‘Center of the Galaxy’ by Marco Calandra

Cinque Torri, Italy. Photo: Marco Calandra

44. ‘Wormhole’ by Alessandro Cantarelli

A 270° panorama stitch of 5 shots captured in a hike around Petra, Jordan. Photo: Alessandro Cantarelli

45. ‘Reflection on the Lake’ by Andrea Zappia

Rocca la Meja, Piemonte, Italy. Photo: Andrea Zappia

46. ‘Light Explosion’ by Armand Sarlangue

Segla Mountain, Senja Island, Norway. Photo: Armand Sarlangue

47. ‘Rivers of Iceland’ by Mieke Boynton

Southern Iceland. Photo: Mieke Boynton

48. ‘Diamantina Flow’ by Peter Harrison

Diamantina River, Queensland, Australia. Photo: Peter Harrison

49. ‘Geometry’ by Callie Chee

Xiapu, China. Photo: Callie Chee

50. ‘Escape’ by Kai Hornung

South Iceland. Photo: Kai Hornung

You can find more winning photographs from the 11th Epson International Pano Awards here.

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