37 Pictures of Majestic Animals Being Incorrigible Goofs

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards show a different, more relatable side of nature

For the last three years, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards (CWPA) has been single-mindedly focused on showcasing a profoundly underserved aspect of wildlife photography: Pictures that show the goofy side of our animal friends. It turns out that, contrary to what National Geographic might want you to think not every wild animal wakes up looking like their Instagram photos.

In fact, for every picture where these guys are being majestic and proud and flat-out awe-inspiring, there’s one where they’re just as awkward and absurd as we are. And the CWPA is committed to uncovering the very best of those moments while highlighting an important message of wildlife conservation in partnership with The Born Free Foundation. Here are some of the extremely relatable finalists from this year’s awards.

A raccoon recovering from a big night out.

A tern taking a moment to file her nails.

A turtle taking a moment to tell you how he really feels.

A penguin who forgot to read the sign.

A parrotfish who thinks you’re hilarious.

A lion cub who has no idea what’s coming.

An eagle owl chick who hopes no one saw that awkward landing.

A snow monkey who forgot to check the water temperature before getting in the bath.

A brown pelican waiting for her friend to turn around.

A classic elephant faceplant.

A langur who’s enjoying her makeshift swing way more than her brothers.

A sea lion on his day off.

A dangerously rebellious kingfisher.

A snow monkey singing in the shower.

A polar bear who can’t even.

A rose-ringed parakeet whose friend would actually rather not see her “weird toenail.”

A young otter who doesn’t want a kiss when his friends are looking.

A mountain gorilla who’s fully over it.

A hippo comedian.

A macaque comedian.

And an elephant seal comedian.

Bring Your Elephant Daughter to Work Day.

An Atlantic puffin who’s still learning to share.

A ground squirrel practicing a soliloquy.

A seal laughing at her own joke.

Two delinquent grizzly bears.

A raccoon who’s definitely just resting and not stuck.

A tiger who just remembered what he said last night.

A reddish egret who woke up like this.

A red squirrel waiting for you to laugh at his joke.

A brown bear doing the absolute bare minimum in a game of hide and seek.

A brown bear who has no problem answering the door before getting dressed.

A gentoo penguin having regrets.

A photobombing giraffe.

Two gossip kings.

And, um … these guys. HELLO.

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