30 Photographs of the Most Beautiful Places in the World

The winners of the International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition will make you long to travel

Chosen from an impressive array of entrants, the International Landscape Photographer of the Year award winners will make you look with fresh eyes at the planet we live on and the myriad different ways it finds to be beautiful. The year’s overall winner was Hong Kong photographer Kelvin Yuen, whose gorgeous portfolio of landscapes from Norway to Italy to Utah showed a truly impressive depth and variety.

Out of the 3,800 submissions, 101 photos were singled out for special recognition, and this selection of images—which ranges from volcanoes in Indonesia to icebergs in Greenland to canyons in Utah—makes for an awe-inspiring testament to the endless beauty and variety of the planet we call home.

1. ‘Northern Forest’ by Zhu Xiao

A fine art photograph of a bare tree on a desert landscape, crowned by a sky full of stars
Kola Peninsula, Russia.

2. ‘Hintersee on Fire’ by Alexander Lauterbach

A fine art photograph of a cloudy purple and orange sky reflected in clear still waters, plus mountains in the background
Hintersee, Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany.

3. ‘Evening Refection’ by Christopher Anderson

A fine art photograph of a large glacier structure on a blue, clear sea
Iceberg Alley Scoresby Sund, Eastern Greenland.

4. ‘Patagonia Fall Colors’ by Henry Wu Liu

A photograph of a creek and waterfalls running downhill among fall leaves, with a mountain range in the background
Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina.

5. ‘Hanksville Utah Sunset’ by Chance Allred

A photograph of a desert landscape, including one tall pointy natural structure
Hanksville, Utah.

6. ‘Chaos Over Kansas’ by Frédéric Couzinier

Lightning emerges from a low grey storm cloud hanging above a verdant green field
Winona, Kansas, United States.

7. ‘The Mighty Five and Neowise’ by Chance Allred

A comet flashes between two big brown desert peaks
The Neowise comet over Capitol Reef National Park.

8. ‘Slash’ by Carolyn Cheng

The ground shows signs of age as large cracks look almost like claw marks across a piece of fabric

9. ‘Northern Forest’ by Zhu Xiao

A background of green northern lights and a foreground of trees covered in so much snow they look like abstract statues
Kola Peninsula, Russia.

10. ‘Frozen Wave’ by Chung Hu

A night-lit shot of the Rocky Mountains, showing a cave texture that looks like water or art
Canadian Rockies.

11. ‘Falling Softly’ by Mieke Boynton

a large tree with outstretched branches is mostly leafless, with a carpet of red and orange leaves covering the ground
The Buckland Valley, Victoria, Australia.

12. ‘Window to the Past’ by Roksolyana Hilevych

The camera looks out from a cave and out at an almost prehistoric looking world including mossy rocks and bare trees
Pollino National Park, Calabria, Italy.

13. ‘Oreo’ by Yuekai Du

A brightly lit orange mountain peak rises above lower snowy peaks, with a still lake in the foreground
Monte Fitz Roy, Argentina.

14. ‘Finding a Way’ by Nate Merz

A brown barked tree snakes up through very tall bamboo, wrapping its trunk around the bamboo stalks in an embrace
Gochang, South Korea.

15. ‘The Life and the Volcano’ by Isabella Tabacchi

Yellow flowers in the foreground of a snowy mountain landscape
Third Place. Vilyuchik stratovolcano with yellow rhododendron as foreground, Kamchatka, Russia.

16. ‘El Bufadero’ by Ivan Miljak

A seascape shows waves crashing in on eachother with white foam as the sun shines through some clouds in the background
Tenerifes, Spain.

17. ‘Watercolor Birches’ by Gianluca Gianferrari

Birch trees pop out of a still lake, with their reflections on the water giving the entire photograph a painterly effect
Last Flooding of the Po River in Italy.

18. ‘Big Wave’ by Jingshu Zhu Bermagui

waterfalls with white foamy water are shown in the foreground, with beautiful still blue water and rock formations in the bg
New South Wales, Australia.

19. ‘Foehn’ by Gergo Rugli

A large green wave with an orange sky in the background
Kiama, Australia.

20. ‘Isolation (Dressed in White)’ by Vikki Macleod

One small snow-covered tree stands alone among small snow-covered hills
Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.

21. ‘Moon Goes Down’ by Miller Yao

A fine art photograph of bare tree branches framing a moon and lake setting with purple clouds and stars
Ijen volcano, Java island, Indonesia.

22. ‘Moonlit Spire’ by David Swindler

A tall natural peak seems to reach towards the glowing white sun, on a snowy landscape
Utah Desert, USA,

23. ‘Spinning Time’ by Himadri Bhuyan

A time-lapse photograph showing a spiral in the sky and a dark waterfall with white foam in the foreground
Night Sky Award. Sohra, Mehgalaya, India.

24. ‘Jurassic World’ by Miller Yao

A beautiful fine art photo of a tree framing a low, orange mountain ranged bathed in golden light
Bromo Volcano, Java island, Indonesia.

25. ‘Secret Valley’ by Miller Yao

A fine art photo from the perspective inside a cave or hiding place, showing green hills and white light streaming in
Java Island, Indonesia.

26. ‘Hide & Seek’ by Felix Röser

A mountain range in the background is ringed with thick clouds that obscure bands of the mountain, green trees are in front
Little Tipsoo Lake, Cascade Mountain Range, USA.

27. ‘Demise of the Moon’ by Atanu Bandyopadhyay

Fine art photograph of a pink moon peeking out over rock structures, trees, and water, all in deep blue
Moonset, Samuel Boardman Scenic Corridor, Oregon Coast, Oregon, USA.

28. ‘Coast of New Zealand’ by Sergey Aleshchenko

Multi-legged orange sea creatures gather on low rocks, with large sculptural rocks in the background, on still waters
Motukiekie Beach, West Coast, New Zealand.

29. ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ by Michael Hindman

A comet or shooting star appears clearly in the sky above the clouds, which are broken in one spot showing beautiful earth
Santa Cruz Mountains, California.

30. ‘Magical Night’ by Kelvin Yuen

Two bare trees frame a streak of green northern lights flashing above a snowy mountain range
First place. Norway, Tromsø.

You can find more information about this year’s awards at the International Landscape Photographer of the Year website.

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