24 Famous Paintings, Recreated by an Artist and Her Dog

Even the greatest works of art look even better with a nice Australian Shepherd

Jack Shepherd
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3 min readMar 11, 2021
All photos: Eliza Reinhardt via Instagram

Finnegan “Finn” Reinhardt is a Texas-based Australian Shepherd dog who has spent the last year brilliantly recreating famous works of art with his best friend and roommate Eliza. Eliza’s keen artistic eye, sense of humor, and skills as a painter are a perfect complement to Finn’s years of practice at being an exceptionally good boy, and the pair have collaborated on dozens of magnificent artistic homages, using just materials they have at home to recreate various masterpieces.

Finn and Eliza’s earliest works are more literal, finding paintings of women and dogs to recreate, but as their journey has progressed they’ve found more and more creative ways to interpret different pieces, and it’s a joy to see their clever ideas come to life. You can keep up with their delightful recreations by following them on Instagram, and Eliza also has an Etsy shop with a book of their work. Here are a few of their most inspired creations.

Dirck Jacobsz, “Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen Painting a Portrait of his Wife,” 1550 (Toledo Museum)
Paul Klee, “Mask of Fear,” 1932 (Museum of Modern Art)
Anonymous, “Haarmensch, Petrus Gonsalvus,” 1580 (Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien)
Unknown artist, “The Unicorn Rests in a Garden,” 1495–1505 (Met Museum)
Barthes Bruyn the Younger, “Portrait of Chatrina, Aged 23 Years,” 1535 (MFA Houston)
Vladmir Lukich Borovikovsky, “Madame de Staël,” 1812 (Tretyakov Gallery)
Marc Chagall, “Paris through the Window,” 1913 (Guggenheim)



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